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Tu-Plast Tubeproducing Ltd. is now called Neopac Hungary Ltd.


Tu-Plast Tubeproducing Ltd. is now called Neopac Hungary Ltd.

The Hungarian subsidiary of the tube and tin manufacturer Hoffmann Neopac AG, Tu-Plast Tubeproducing Ltd., will be known as Neopac Hungary Ltd. from 1 July 2017 onwards.

The Hungarian company has belonged to the Swiss business, Hoffmann Neopac AG, since 2006 and was independently run up until a few years ago. CEO Mark Aegler is delighted with the name change, "in the last two years, we have integrated the organization and processes much further and are therefore successfully exploiting these synergies. The renaming of the Hungarian subsidiary is a resolute step forward towards a uniform appearance for the tube company.”

The full address of Tu-Plast is now:
Neopac Hungary Ltd., Hoffmann str. 1, 4031 Debrecen, Hungary
T +36 52 870 100, F +36 52 454 401, www.neopac.com

Organizational change at Neopac Hungary Ltd.

Furthermore, the company is announcing a change of management at the Hungarian site; Elémer Nagy, who has been a very dedicated Managing Director for Tu-Plast since the company was founded, is retiring at the end of the year. As the new Managing Director / Head of Production, Gabor Csaba Oláh will take over the leadership of Neopac Hungary Ltd. as of 1 September 2017. Arnold Szegö will be his deputy.